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Post Surgery Expectations

Basic Wound Care Instructions/ Post Surgery Expectations

All surgery patients will leave with a pressure bandage on the surgery site whether sutures are used or if the wound heals by second intention.


Sutures: The wound edges are closed together with deep and surface sutures or the wound is made smaller by purse stringing the edges together with sutures.

Second Intention: The wound is superficial and/or shallow enough for the wound to close on its own without sutures. Sometimes second intention is recommended for a wound to allow granulation (filling in) of the tissue and then the wound is re-evaluated within a couple of weeks and either allowed to continue to heal on its own or sutures are used.

Pressure Bandage: Antibiotic ointment is applied to the wound and covered with non-stick telfa. A layer of gauze is then placed on the wound and adhered with cover-roll bandage tape.

  • All pressure bandages should remain on and dry for 48-72 hours after surgery. 
  • After 48-72 hours the pressure bandage can be removed gently and the wound can be washed with soap and water (no excessive pressure or scrubbing while cleaning the wound is needed.) Pat the wound dry and apply a thick layer of antibiotic ointment with a cotton tipped applicator (Q-tip). Then cover the wound with a band-aid/bandage. This should be repeated daily until your follow-up appointment.
  • All wound care supplies can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Please have antibiotic ointment and assorted band aids available for wound care.
  • Activity should be limited: no heavy lifting or bending over. No strenuous activity or exercising for the first 3-5 days following surgery.
  • If your wound should start to bleed, apply hard pressure to the bandage covering the wound for 10-15 minutes. If bleeding persists call the office or if it is after hours go straight to the nearest Emergency Room.

Each surgery is individualized and different for each patient. All concerns and needs will be addressed before each patient leaves following surgery.

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