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Follow Ups

Once you have finished your Mohs surgery at Dermatologic Surgery of Central Virginia, you will be sent home with specific instructions as to the care and treatment of your surgical wound until you return for follow-up.

  • Usually within two to four weeks you will need to return for suture removal and/or follow up evaluation of your surgical wound. If you are healing well and are happy with the results you may cancel this appointment.
  • At 3 months and then at 6 months following your surgery we may have you return for a wound check after which you will be discharged to your general dermatologist.
  • While you are being followed by us regarding your surgical site, you should continue to see your general dermatologist for routine skin checks. If you do not have a general dermatologist, we will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended dermatologists in your area.

Regular skin cancer surveillance with your general dermatologist is essential. After your Mohs surgery, your follow-up visits are required mainly for three reasons:

  • While its unlikely, there is a possibility for a recurrence of the original skin cancer. In order to catch any recurrence of skin cancer, you will need to be checked.
  • You will be given information regarding exposure to the sun and treatment of any pre-cancerous skin lesions that may appear in order to prevent future skin cancer.
  • To detect any new skin cancers at an earlier stage. Getting one skin cancer gives you an almost 50 percent chance of growing another one in the next two to three years. The earlier a skin cancer is detected the easier it is to take care of.
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