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Info For Physicians

Mohs surgeons are medical doctors that have been trained in a specialized field of skin cancer resection, pathology and reconstruction. The most experienced physicians who practice the  Mohs surgical procedure are trained in a one or two year fellowship at a major medical University which has been approved by the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS). The ACMS was founded in 1967. There are about 1000 fellowship trained Mohs surgeons in the United States today. Fellows are chosen only after completing an extremely competitive review and selection process. Dr. Hendrix was trained in a two year fellowship from 1994 to 1996 at the University of Virginia School of Medicine that was approved by the ACMS. Dr. Tromberg completed her fellowship training in 2012 at Arkansas Skin Cancer Center in Little Rock.

Before scheduling Mohs surgery for your patient, be sure to check and see if the doctor you are referring to is a fellow of the ACMS. The exacting and precise nature of Mohs micrographic surgery requires each Mohs surgeon have a superior attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of cutaneous oncology and surgical techniques.

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