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Our Facilities

The Facilities at Dermatologic Surgery of Central Virginia

Our facility here at Dermatologic Surgery of Central Virginia is clean, warm and inviting. We purposely designed the office to reflect a clean and professional appearance, but not to look sterile and uninviting. The reality of the situation is that while we are examining the tissue removed with Mohs, you will have the option of waiting in your treatment room or in the waiting room. While you are waiting, we have a TV in the waiting room you can watch, and of course lots of books and current magazines to read. We have wireless internet access. You also have access to several power outlets where you can charge your laptop, mobile device or MP3 player. Many of our patients just relax and several take the opportunity to take a nap. Our facility is designed to be flexible and accommodating to the real needs of the patient while undergoing their Mohs surgery treatment.

Another critical aspect of our facility is something you may not see, our technology, our equipment and our technical staff. We have the latest technologies when it comes to analyzing skin tissue samples taken during the Mohs surgery. The equipment we use is operated by experienced professionals. Our technicians can dramatically reduce your time in waiting because of their combined more than 20 years of experience. From our tissue removal tools, to our preservation and analysis equipment, our facility is modern, connected with trained experts and almost completely out of sight. Our focus is on you, your Mohs surgery experience, and making you skin cancer-free. It’s the excellence of our facility and technologies that help make that possible.

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