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About DSCV

Since 2001 our primary focus has always been treatment with a thoughtful and warm approach. We understand that patients come to us in a time of stress. We know that visitors are looking for solutions and hope. With care, honesty, promptness and patience, we at Dermatologic Surgery of Central Virginia prepare you for what to expect in the Mohs surgery process. We work with you to determine the best course of cancer treatment and we help you to transition to a new post-cancer lifestyle where you become an active participant in your future skin cancer prevention and health.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Hendrix, Dr. Tromberg and their staff through our patient portal.

If you do not have a portal set up whether you are a new or return patient please call (434) 979-7700 so that our staff may assist you.

You may also visit us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/dermsurgva/

The Board Certification in Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery subspecialty is just another step in assuring you as a patient are receiving top notch care backed with experience, knowledge and academic achievements.