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About Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a microscopic procedure used to remove cancer cells from normal skin. Its above average success rate relies on the concept of ‘margin control’ to check 100% of the tissue margin and its ability to reliably remove the skin cancer cells without sacrificing healthy skin tissue. With the highest cure rate (99% for most skin cancers) among the types of skin cancer treatments, Mohs surgery succeeds at being a less invasive way to remove skin cancer cells. This is absolutely critical when the skin cancer is located near or on the eyelids, nose or lips. Less tissue removal results in a smaller wound, more simple repair, quicker recovery and minimal discomfort for the patient.

Mohs surgery:

  • is effective against nearly all types of skin cancers
  • removes only the cancer and very little healthy tissue
  • can leave a smaller scar than with other treatments
  • is performed under local anesthetic in the physician’s office
  • takes about half a day to complete the process in most cases
  • results in quicker recovery
  • has specially trained doctors who have undergone extensive training
  • results in wounds that are usually repaired immediately after the procedure
  • has been shown to have the highest cure rate for skin cancer in many studies
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